Room Additions

Are you in need of some more space in your home? You may be in need of a room addition from the professionals at Affordable Remodeling Services Inc. We are a prime home improvement contractor in Tulsa. Our contractors and designers can help you with your room addition project and enlarge the space in your home.

Whether you are adding a new kitchen, family room or a second story for your bedroom addition, these examples are each special and different. That’s because each customer has a different set of interests, lifestyle, and needs as well. While some builders and room addition contractors in Tulsa will try to work with their own designs, we work directly with you to give you your dreamed home.

At Affordable Remodeling Services Inc we are a firm that many of our customers choose for their latest room additions. We have in house designers with many years experience, and Affordable Remodeling Services Inc is always prepared, should the need arise, to access multiple architects and structural engineers to ensure the project is not only breathtaking, but structurally sound. We spend many hours making sure all the details important to you are included in a very tasteful yet functional manner. We work thoroughly to make certain that all changes are made on paper in the beginning, so that there are no changes necessary once construction begins.

When You Are Considering a Room Addition

There are many things that you will need to think about when deciding on building a room addition for your house or commercial property. Below are just some things to get you started. However, the professional team at Affordable Remodeling Services Inc will be there every step of the way and provide you with all the assistance you require throughout the whole process of your room addition project.

Type of Room

The type of room addition you need is the first place to start. Whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or a living area. Once you have decided what will benefit your property most then it is a good idea to browse the internet and get some floor plan and design ideas. Save some photos of rooms that you had in mind. It will all depend on the amount of the available space you as to what the most beneficial room addition will be. It is always good idea to have the guidance of an experienced remodeling company like Affordable Remodeling Services Inc.

Room Designs

At Affordable Remodeling Services Inc, we will help you get the design of your room addition. We will provide you with all the help you may need from design ideas to drawing up the plans. We have professional designers and contractors who will make your room addition dreams become true.

Room Addition Ideas

If you are not sure what you actually want to do with your room addition, then let us help you with some great ideas. The experienced crew at Affordable Remodeling Services Inc has a professional designers who will provide you with an extensive range of ideas for your new room project.

Final Touches

Once the room is complete we can help you with the finishing touches. We can paint the walls; lay the wooden flooring or the tiles. In need of a siding contractor call us at (918) 585-1047.